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RoHS and WEEE Compliance

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Round Type 6 Litz Wire

1. Serving
2. Insulated wire
3. Serving over insulated wire
4. Several groups of twisted wires
5. Serving around groups of wires
6. Outer serving (textile, taping and extrusion)
7. Core with several groups twisted together

Type 6 Round Litz


Round, multiple stranded magnet wire. Miniature, flexible strands are film insulated and stranded together into groups which are cabled in a geometric pattern around a central cotton core. These component groups are separately insulated with a fiber serve, and a second fiber serve is applied overall. Several of these groups are then cabled together over a central cotton core, and a third insulation is applied over the entire cable. This outer insulation on cables whenever all diameters less than one inch usually consists of a fiber serve or braid. On cables larger than one inch, mylar tape, polyvinylchloride tape or an extruded jacket may be applied. Geometric bunching permits each wire to occupy every possible position in the entire length of the cable at some point. By utilizing a core, all of the wires are on the surface of the conductor and the cable retains a uniform, round shape. If the constructions listed in the following table do not meet your specific requirement, please contact our sales department.


Used in resonant circuits where high efficiency is required. Also recommended where losses due to skin and proximity effects are a problem, such as switching power supplies, transformers, inverters, communication equipment, ultrasonic equipment, sonar equipment, television equipment, radio equipment and heat induction equipment.