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Stainless Steel Cable/Rope

Wire Rope -

The flexible wire rope is most commonly used for running rigging applications. It is strong, medium flexible cable; commonly used for wire halyards. Each of the seven strands consist of 19 individual wires, which is oil free and highly polished. "BL" is the breaking load and "WLL" is the maximum working load recommended. 316 is the suggested alloy for corrosive enviornments.

We have Sizes 0.15 - 40mm available along with some other sizes.

Braided Cable -

Oval Constructions
Stainless Steel Conductor

Stainless steel strands braided into an oval construction.


Useful for shielding and bonding purposes in commercial applications requiring special corrosion resistance.


Cross Section
1 x 19 Non Flexible Rope Design
7 x 19 Very Flexible Rope Design
  • Standard rigging on sail boats
  • Push-pull, and guying applications
  • Used when flexibility and fatigur are concerns
  • Running rigging on sailboats, excercise equipment, winches and garage doors
0.15 - 19 mm
0.45 - 36 mm
6 x 36 Moderately Flexible
Cross Section
7 x 7 Medium Flexibile Rope Design
6 x 36 Medium Flexible Rope Design
  • Automotive controls
  • Fish Wire
  • Wide range of mechanical applications
  • Used extensively in heavy duty hoisting cranes
  • Dredges, skidders, logging and oil feild applications
0.27 - 18 mm
4 - 40 mm

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