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NEMA MW74C    IEC 317-42
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Insulation Characteristics:

This insulation is manufactured with a thermally stable, modified polyester film and has excellent physical, chemical and electrical properties for small coils operating at high temperature. The physical properties of flexibility, abrasion resistance, and adhesion compare favorably with polyvinyl acetal-phenolic.

General Applications:

The principal application of polyester is in fine wire where a Class 200 construction is desired and solderability is not a requirement.

  • Continuous operation coils
  • Encapsulated coils
  • Small appliance and power tool motor
  • Sub-fractional instrument and servo-motors

Polyester 200 Round Wire

Polyester 200 is a multi-purpose dual coated wire which combines the excellent physical and electrical properties of a polyestermide or modified polyester base coat with added smoothness and high thermal rating of polyamide -imide linear polymer top coat. 

The combination of these two high quality resins produce a coating which has outstanding surface toughness, abrasion resistance, flexibility, chemical resistance, burnout and thermal resistance and dielectric strength.

Characteristics Polyester 200 (Round)
Temperature index >200°C with over coat
Thermal Class Class H
Chemical Composition
  • Base Coat
  • Overcoat

Polyamide Imide
International Standard

IEC 60317-13
DIN 46416-7

MW 35°C
Size Range Grade 1(1L)
Grade 2(2L)
0.140- 1.600mm
0.140 - 5.500mm
Tangents Delta Cross Point 185 - 205°C
Cut-through to IEC >330°C
Heat Shock to IEC 20% 3 XD 200°C


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