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Spool of Aluminum Wire











Aluminum Flat Wire

Bare Aluminum & Aluminum Magnet Wire

Round, Rectangular and Shaped Aluminum Wire
Aluminum 1100, 1350, 5056, 6061, 2024, 1199
Aluminum Wire Supplier

AWG sizes: 2 AWG - 50 AWG
Applications: Coils with no bobbins, screen yokes, loudspeakers and automobile industries.
Production Range: 6.35mm - 0.023mm

Anodized and custom coated aluminum strip and wire.
All Mil-Spec Finishes available on wire and strip. Commercial top coatings on all materials.

Available Coatings: (Bare Aluminum Magnet Wire)

Others Types of coating, and overcoating available.

  • H_1 1/8 hard
  • H_2 1/4 hard
  • H_3 3/8 hard
  • H_4 1/2 hard
  • H_5 5/8 hard
  • H_6 3/4 hard
  • H_7 7/8 hard
  • H_8 Full hard
  • F
  • O
  • W
  • H

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Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys

*99.999; 1199 (99.99%)
*1188 (99.88%); 1100 (99%);
*EC (99.45%);2024; 5056; 5154; 5356; 6061.
*Other alloys available upon request.

Shaped wires = Square, Flat and Round.

Sizes: 2 AWG - 50 AWG

Aluminum Round Wire Chart/Ft per Lb

Anodized Aluminum Wire

Anodized Aluminum Wire Quotation

Aluminum Strip and Ribbon
Thickness: Gauges from .062 to .250 inch.

Aluminum Wire on a Spool

Enameling Finish

  • Organic
  • Polyurethane/Nylon (150°C)
  • Butyral (130°C)
  • Polyester (130°C)
  • Soderable Polyester (155°C)
  • Polyesterimide (ISOMID) (180°C)
  • Polyamide (ML) (220°C)
  • Other coatings available upon request.

Profiled Aluminum Wire AWG 1- 14 Chart

Copper Clad Aluminum Wire

Fusing Currents for Aluminum & Copper

Brazing Aluminum Information

Conductor Properties and Allowable Ampacities for Copper and Aluminum Conductors

Aluminum Wire Material Safety Data Sheet

Aluminum Wire Material Certification Chemical Analysis

Aluminum Wire Quotation

Aluminum Magnet Wire Quotation

Spool of Aluminum Wire