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Copper Alloy 754 - CuNi15Zn20

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Copper Alloy 754

CuNi15Zn20, JIS C7541, BZn15-20, NS 105

UNS.C75400, CDA754, ASTM B151,B122

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Copper Alloy 754 - CuNi15Zn20 Composition

Cu 65%, Ni 15%, Zn Balance

    Copper Alloy 754 - CuNi15Zn20 Description

    UNS.C75400 Nickel Silver Alloys, also called Copper-Nickel-Zinc alloys, 65-15-20 respectively, which has good formability, good corrosion and tarnish-resistance performance, and this alloy has the pleasing silver-like color.

    Copper Alloy 754 - CuNi15Zn20 Applications

    Consumer: Musical Instrument Parts & Components, Optical Instrument Components, Radio Dials, Name Plates, Hollow Ware, Costume Jewelry, Camera Parts, Bows, Table Flat Ware, Zippers
    Fasteners: Screws, Rivets and Slide Fasteners
    Industrial: Truss Wire, Base for Silver Plate, Core Bars, Templates, Etching Stock
    Architecture: Decorative Applications


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