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Copper Alloy 314 - Commerical Bronze

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Copper Alloy 314 - Commerical Bronze Composition

Cu 87.5 - 90.5%, Pb 1.3 - 2.5%, Fe 0.10%, Ni 0.7%, Zn Balance

    Copper Alloy 314 - Commerical Bronze Description

    Brasses (Copper-Zinc-Lead Alloy), Leaded Commercial Bronze. Free-machining versions of the 20000-series yellow brass. Moderate corrosion resistance.

    Copper Alloy 314 - Commerical Bronze Applications

    Alloy 314 finds use in hardware applications, electrical applications, as well as fasteners and industrial applications. Uses include various electrical connectors, screws and nuts, pickling crates, fixtures and racks. It is also common in screw machine applications.


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