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AC DC Resistance Calculator for HM Wire International

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AC DC Resistance Calculator


Frequency - Insert your known frequency in Hz

Strands - Insert the number of strands you need

Bundling - Insert the number of bundling operations

Cabling - Insert the number of cabling operations

Use this chart to determine which Frequency you need to use for your application.

60 HZ to 1 KHz 28
1 KHz to 10 KHz 30
10 KHz to 20 KHz 33
20 KHz to 50 KHz 36
50 KHz to 100 KHz 38
100 KHz to 200 KHz 40
200 KHz to 350 KHz 42
350 KHz to 850 KHz 44
850 KHz to 1.4 MHz 46
1.4 MHz to 2.8 MHz 48

Litz Wire Quotation

Litz Wire Quotation

Litz Extrusion Quotation

Litz Extrusion Quotation

Litz Cable Quotation

Litz Cable Quotation

These numbers given are estimates, and if you would like an accurate quotation, call us at 330-244-8501, or click on one of the RFQ buttons and fill out the form.
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